Sacramento rider dies in another area motorcycle accident

Earlier this month, we wrote about two motorcycle accidents in the Sacramento area that resulted in one death and one injury. While it is dangerous to be a motorcyclist in California at any time of year, the summer months tend to be especially fatal and injurious.
Last week, another motorcycle accident in the area claimed the life of a 23-year-old motorcyclist from Sacramento. Sadly, this fatal accident scenario is a common and preventable one.
According to news reports, the crash occurred last Thursday night at an intersection in nearby Arden Arcade. The driver of a Dodge Charger was attempting to make a U-turn after determining that oncoming traffic had cleared, according to
However, the driver either didn’t have enough room or didn’t have the correct turning radius to complete the U-turn immediately. He had to stop in the road in order to back up and finish the maneuver.
Unfortunately, these few seconds of delay were enough to result in a fatal collision. The motorcyclist traveling toward the intersection did not see the car in front of him until it was too late to stop, and his bike collided with the back of the larger vehicle.
It was not specified in a news report whether or not the attempted U-turn was legal at that particular intersection. If not, the driver could potentially face criminal charges as well as a wrongful death lawsuit.
It is also important to note that even when a traffic maneuver is legal, it must still be performed correctly and with full regard for necessary precautions. Did this driver make sure that the intersection was clear? Could he have found a safer way to turn his vehicle around?