Young Georgia girl in truck crash, trapped for over an hour

A young girl was seriously injured after getting in a truck accident last night in Dawson County, Georgia. She had not been driving, but was a passenger in a truck that clammed into a utility pole. The truck had also been involved a hit-and-run accident earlier that evening.
Motor vehicle accident victims can be left with a number of challenges. There are physical challenges that often follow an injury as well as financial difficulties that can arise from medical bills and lost wages. Often accident victims are left wondering how they are going to recover from the often stressful situation.
For the young girl in the accident, it is unclear what sort of recovery process she will go through. She has been listed in critical condition but the extent of her injuries is not detailed. The girl had been trapped in the truck for over an hour while rescuers worked to free her.
According to the article from Gabriel Law Offices, the driver of the truck had struck a vehicle in a parking lot. Police attempted to stop him but he drove off. Not long after, officers who were still following the truck driver found the vehicle on the side of the road, after it hit the pole.
It doesn’t appear that the driver of the truck suffered any injuries – he is currently in police custody for several different charges. For many who read this story, it may seem unfair that the young girl, who was only a passenger, sustained the brunt of the injuries. Can the truck driver be held responsible?
The young girl could file a claim to seek compensation for her injuries. This settlement from this type of claim can help curb the costs of medical treatment and medication that she may need in the weeks and months following the accident.

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